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E-mail issue

I just noticed that I am not getting any e-mail notifications and I am sure neither are you. I ran diagnostics on my mail server and it is working fine without any problem. So I concluded that certain ports (like port 25 and port 587) that are required by mail server are blocked. I opened those ports on my router and the issue still persists. I believe that my ISP is actually blocking those ports in which case it does not matter whether I open them on my router. I am currently working on a workaround such as using an alternative SMTP (like Gmail SMTP) instead of my mail server. I will update you if it works (and I surely hope it does). I am sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, if you need an assistance that requires an e-mail notification such as changing your password, just e-mail me your request.

Update: The workaround was successful and the e-mail issue has been resolved.