Welcome to my blog! My name is Sung Lee. I am a mathematician who is also passionate about physics and computer science.

I love to write about mathematics and applications of mathematics particularly in physics and computer science. I also love to share my knowledge, though a little and shallow, with people who are interested in learning mathematics. This blog is my own archive of mathematics, physics and computer science course materials. The blog entries are not posted in any particular order as I am not usually writing stuff in order. That will likely cause an inconvenience for visitors to this blog, so I have set up Front for MathPhys Archive page where you can find blog posts in a lecture notes setting for different subjects in mathematics, physics and computer science. Besides blog lecture posts, you will also find a set of homework problems for each set of lecture notes. I also plan to post screencasts and videos of my lectures on this blog site in the near future as my time permits.

If you find any error or misinformation in my blog entries, please kindly notify me by an  e-mail message or by leaving a comment. You are also more than welcome to ask any questions regarding the content of the blog entries through comments. I cannot promise you that I will always have an answer, but I will try my best to answer your questions correctly and in possibly the most efficient way.

I have another blog site where I share my thoughts on some old and news ideas in mathematics, physics and computer science including my own. If you are also seeking something beyond the standard mainstream textbook stuff, you may also want to visit my other blog site MathPhys.

Thank you for visiting my blog site and I hope that what you read here would be in any way beneficial for you.


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