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Dark Matter (TV series), Superposition, and Parallel Universes

There is a new TV series titled Dark Matter on Apple TV+. It is based on a novel of the same title by Blake Crouch. I have not read the book yet but it is on my reading list. The … Continue reading

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Three-Body, The Wandering Earth, and Is Starship Earth Possible?

There is a TV series called 3 Body Problem on Netflix. It is based on the first novel of the trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s past (the original Chinese title is 地球往事 whose literal translation is Earth’s past) by a Chinese … Continue reading

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What is a Tactical Nuclear Weapon?

As tensions are rising between the NATO and Russia, we hear a lot about tactical nuclear weapons lately. But people who talk about them do not appear to have a clear definition of what a tactic nuclear weapon is and … Continue reading

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Can a toroidal black hole exist?

Many years ago, a brilliant Berkeley mathematician Richard Borcherds started a blog on math. I have no doubt he has so many interesting things to share about math. Regrettably though, for whatever reason, it didn’t last long. In one of … Continue reading

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diff (A Linux Command)

diff is one of my favorite Linux commands, which is very useful. What does it do? It does compare two text documents and shows their differences if there are any. The syntax is as simple as diff textfile1 textfile2 and … Continue reading

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