Welcome to my blog! My name is Sung Lee. I am a mathematician who is also a physics buff.

I consider myself as an unconventional thinker and a creative innovator. I refuse to blindly follow the mainstream ideas, instead I always try to carefully re-examine old ideas and I endeavor to discover new ideas. Unfortunately such tendency is not always beneficial for you especially if you are a career scientist working at an academic institution. After working in academia nearly for 20 years I am amazed to find out that academia has become so bureaucratic and a hostile place for creativity, individualism and freedom of thoughts that I once strongly believed were the defining symbols of academia. Because of that I believe innovations will likely occur more in private sector than in academia.

I love to write about mathematics and applications of mathematics particularly in physics and computer science and I love to share my insights into old and new ideas in mathematics, physics and computer science. Furthermore, I am neither shy to talk about my new ideas nor am I afraid that I might be called a crackpot and be persecuted in academia by doing so. This blog site is intended to be my own sanctuary where I can freely make my own voice for my thoughts. Everyone who is open minded and who values freedom of thoughts is welcome here.

I have another blog site where I share a little I know about mathematics. If you are a layperson but love to learn mathematics, you may also want to visit my other blog site MathPhys Archive.

Thank you for visiting my blog site and I hope that what you read here would be in any way beneficial for you.