"The ability to feel the beauty of mathematics is probably the most important ability to be a good mathematician. Sense of beauty is of course defined very differently between mathematicians. It is important that each mathematician have their own way to feel the beauty of mathematics. Otherwise we cannot be original."
Kenji Fukaya

Welcome to My Home Page

My name is Sung Lee (Full name: Sungwook Lee, in Chinese it is written 李 昇 郁). I also go by John Lee. I am a mathematician, a physics buff, and a computer and Linux enthusiast.

My research interests largely lie in Geometry and Physics. I am also dabbling in Number Theory and Theoretical Computer Science.

I cease my futile and fruitless attempts on fundamental research in mathematics and physics. I may get back to it if I find an irresistibly interesting problem that I can work on. My new research areas of concentration are computational and mathematical modeling in finance and biomedical science (especially cancer research).

My hobby is learning languages, both human languages and computer (programming) languages.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics (Differential Geometry) from the University of Connecticut in 2002, supervised by Professor Kinetsu Abe. I have been employed by the University of Southern Mississippi since 2001.

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